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Have you ever felt like, “The last thing I want to do is write?” You have no interest in being creative, tapping your keys, or scribbling notes on your pad? That was me last week. No new ideas marched across my brain; no literary agents drew my interest enough to query, no books called to me from their cozy spots on my shelf or from a cheerfully decorated window at a local book store. I took a moment, embraced that lackadaisical imp sitting on my shoulder, and gave it a name. I called it my Writerly Blues.

Happy or sad feelings when I write

Is it okay to feel burned out?

I believe writers (at one time or another) would rather do anything else but write. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not writer’s block, and I’m not even sure I’d call it burnout. I am nowhere in that category because I still love writing. I did not want to do anything writerly, and guess what? There is nothing wrong with that! Gasp! Even the most well-known authors take breaks. But the question is, “How do I deal with my writerly blues?” Here are a few suggestions:

Ideas on how to deal with it

Suggestions on dealing with Writerly Blues

  1. Accept it for what it is. Don’t freak out if you shut off your computer as quickly as you turned it on. It’s just your mind telling you to BREATHE. Put space between you and the keyboard!
  2. There is life away from your computer, away from writing! LOL! Do something else. Netflix and Chill, walk, hang with friends, and make your favorite dessert! I love cookies!
  3. Give it a day; give it a week if you need it. Don’t put a time limit on your respite. Your body and mind will let you know when it is ready to return. If you need some addition ideas, check out this piece from Medium. https://medium.com/publishous/how-to-get-into-a-creative-flow-when-you-dont-feel-like-writing-239aef848650
Be at peace

Eventually, ole Writerly ‘Blah’ Blues will find someone else to harass and leave you be. At that point, you may be raring to go, filled with new, exciting ideas and characters who are eager to come to life. This week I am ready to get back on the wagon. If you took a writerly reprieve last week, I hope you are too!

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