Hello Ebi! Hello Fam!

I hope you and yours are healthy and doing well during this crisis.  With so many people falling ill in other countries and here in the U.S., one cannot help but think of one’s mortality. But in this case, I’m thinking of the opposite – the immortal writer.  I know I can hear the sighs from here. “Sharon, stop being dramatic.” But hear me out. As you may have seen me say in the past, part of the reason I chose to write Amachi’s Hope was to leave part of myself for my children. We write not only because we have a story to tell but because we want (in some big or small way) to leave our mark on the world – to be in a sense, immortal.

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Writing is a heavy responsibility. Our words can change or influence a person’s life in either a positive or negative way. The pen or the computer is our tool, and the art of writing is magic. We use these tools to conjure up and share our story, joy, grief, gospel, beliefs, etc. with another. As a result, should someone read our work in the future, and we are not there, a “literary resurrection” occurs – bringing us back to life through the reading or gifting of our words.

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Just as music moves us years after it was created (e.g., Marvin Gaye’s Mercy, Mercy Me), writing has the same effect. Every story has a message. Whether the story comes out now or years from now, a writer hopes that the reader no matter the age, remembers what was said and will, in turn, illuminate others. How often have you been asked, “What was your favorite book as a child, teen, young adult?” What was it about that book that stayed with you long after you read it or compels you to reread it when you find it on that dusty shelf in your attic? 

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My mantra for Amachi’s Hope is that anyone who reads it will walk away with the 3E’s: Educated, Enlightened, and Entertained. What is your wish or mantra for your story? What do you want your readers to experience? Do you want to be immortalized, etch into a reader’s mind, and remembered for years to come? I cannot imagine there being a more significant gift for a writer. 

Ibukun! Blessings to you all and stay safe!