Amachi’s birth is sacrosanct. Long before her conception, the universe had her path marked in the stars. One where she would live long after your kin have moved on from this world. Amachi will grow to become the Oloruns greatest guardian. To see what others cannot leading those who cannot lead themselves. She will be the catalyst of change, a herald of hope, and a unifier of your people. She will be known as the Goddess of Light!” – Goddess Yemoja’s prophecy

Would you believe the seed for Amachi began to bloom more than 10 years ago? I was fresh from watching Harry Potter when the idea came to me. I wanted to create a pre-school book influenced by African or Caribbean culture. My kiddies were quite young at the time. Books in the genre of fantasy, motivated by the Caribbean or Africa, and written by women of color were not seen often. Later my story evolved from a children’s book to a novel for YA. It’s frustrating that I was not able to introduce my idea before now – but as they say, everything in due time.

Works influenced by African culture and written by WOC have become more popular, particularly in fantasy/sci-fi. I hope the need for diversity in literature does not lose its momentum when I’m ready to query. What women like Butler (SIP), Okorafor, and Adeyemi have done and will continue to do is to constantly remind the world of the beauty of a narrative influenced by the African diaspora. I look forward to making my contribution to speculative fiction as a WOC.

If you are interested in knowing about diversity in literature, check out #ownvoices and #diversebooks

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Ibukun! (Blessings)