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So last week, I read one of the many blog posts out there about writing. This one referred to the elusive email—you know that diamond in the rough, a rare pearl in a sea of query rejections; that email from a literary agent asking to see your FULL manuscript?  

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The thing that stood out in her blog post was not that she got THE CALL. But that she queried when her manuscript was unfinished.

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The writer teetered between joy and terror and pounded out the last four chapters of her novel overnight. She then turned it over to the agents (the writer had been blessed to receive two requests at that point) within the next day or so.

The idea of being in such a situation strikes fear in my heart.

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I could never create quality work under such pressure. It would be gibberish. LOL! I am in the habit of editing multiple times, and I could not turn in my work without an editor reviewing it first. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, and she said as much. But I cannot stress enough the importance of making sure that your manuscript is done BEFORE querying, especially if you are querying for the first time. Now, if you are an old pro, then this rule may not apply to you or maybe you thrive under pressure!

If you are a planner and not a pantser, then perhaps it’s not impossible to produce the last chapters of your novel on short notice. I tried being a planner once, but that fell through. I could not write without feeling the need to change something in the story.

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I’m glad that the writer (who has likely published more than one book by now) got the call of her dreams. She did not mention if she found herself in such a situation again. But considering how stressful it was, she has likely steered away from the last-minute manuscript.

Are you a published writer? If so, have you ever queried knowing your novel, screenplay, article etc., was unfinished? How did you feel about doing so? I welcome you to share your experience.

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