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Last week, I found myself dealing with a writerly conundrum. It continues to be quite frustrating as it affects my chosen genre and whether I should change it.

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For many years, Amachi’s Hope has been written and promoted for the Young Adult audience. My MC goes from childhood to twenty, where she stops aging. Most of her descendants face life-changing situations as young adults and only one as a full-grown adult.

Decades ago, the age range for young adults was quite broad, as it fell between 14 – 21. But as the years progressed and the perceptions and experiences of everyday life changed, the YA range was adjusted to 12 – 18. This causes me to think of the Harry Potter series. Harry was 11 in the first book and 17 by the last book. Yet, an insane number of adults have read and are very much enamored by the Wizarding World. Why? Because it’s more than just the story of a budding young wizard. (Go, Gryffindor, LOL!)

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Then in 2009, (thanks to a call for fiction similar to (YA) that could be published and marketed as an adult), a new genre called New Adult came forward. It covers the age bracket of 18 – 30, and the storylines, of course, are more mature, e.g., developing sexuality, leaving home, etc. The Magicians series turned fantasy television drama on SYFY is one of my favorite examples. (Forevah Quentin!)

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Though there is implied marital unrest in my novel, and Amachi is twenty when she stops aging, I don’t believe her story or those of her descendants fall entirely under the New Adult umbrella. Now a literary agent may disagree, and I, of course, would welcome that conversation. LOL! But for the time being, I plan to continue on the path before me.

Some writers change genres after they’re published and developed a following. But what happens if you are not published yet? Have you struggled with switching genres when your book has already been written and promoted? If so, I invite you to share your story.

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** After some thought, I decided to change my MC’s age to 18. I think it’s better considering some of her YA issues, e.g. unrequited love. 🙂