Hello Ebi! Hello Fam!

Below is an old blog post that I wrote in 2013 called “Resolute in 2014.” When I read this, the advice I offer still applies not only to readers but to myself. I intend to be “resolute” in 2020 as well.


On Saturday night, I attended my firm’s Christmas party.  I went there with low expectations.  I believed I would be walking into a corporate cocktail soiree. You know those “wine and cheese” gatherings, all fake smiles and boring conversation. Sort of like what I’ve experienced in the past.  Imagine my surprise and pleasure when my hubby and I walked in on a live jamming band, great food and drinks.

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You would think in such a relaxed atmosphere, that more people would have been willing to dance. But no, out of the hundred or so people that attended only fifteen of us danced at one time or another.  The wallflowers versus the courageous ones. LOL!  As I was dragged onto the dance floor for the umpteenth time, I looked around at the people on the outside looking in. It made me think about the journey I was on in 2013.

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At one time or another, I was just like the wallflowers at the party.  Either too scared to take a step forward or too concerned about how others would perceive me. I’m proud to say that I was a risk-taker in 2013.  I took chances that I would never have made in the past.  I put myself forward, reached out and introduced myself and Amachi to the masses.  I created this blog, I’ve done author interviews on other blogs, and I even entered a writing contest or two.

Yes, I also had some setbacks (publisher and agent rejections), but what writer hasn’t had setbacks?  It is well known that the path to publishing is a tumultuous one.  Only the truly lucky can avoid the twist and turns.

There are only a few days left in the year, and there’s still time left for the unexpected to happen to you.  You might get that “email” or “phone call” that will be taking you down a new and exciting road in 2014. You may have “finally” caught the eye of an agent or publisher.  Your short story or article is going to be published.  An illustrator, who you could never afford, has offered to do the cover of your book.  You may have even found the perfect editor to help you get on the road to publishing perfection.

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What have you done, family?  What experiences have you had in 2013?  I’ve been sharing my experiences with you and I would love to hear about yours.  Have you been published?  Have you experienced disappointments?  Have you finally found the courage to write the book of your dreams? I would love to hear your story!

I am resolute.  I am determined.  In 2014 I will bring myself that much closer to publishing Amachi’s Hope.  Will I be published?  Well, only the cards and god’s will (depending on which you believe in) will decide.  But I will not just stand by and wait for something to be handed to me.  I will take it for myself.

It is said that the meek will not inherit the earth.  Don’t be an outsider looking in.  Don’t let the world pass you by.  Step up, take chances, and let 2014 be the year of your awakening!  I hope that you will reach out to me and share your experiences in the New Year! 


FYI – Since then, I went through some soul searching, joined a writing group, stopped the old blog and revitalized it last year, finished my manuscript, earned my MA, drafted a 2nd novel, started working with an editor, and I have every intention of querying this year. Ehhh! I think I’m in a good place. 🙂 How about you?

Ibukun! (Blessings)!