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Late one night during a bout with insomnia, a commercial came on television for Prilosec OTC, an acid reducer for folks that deal with reflux, heartburn and other stomach ailments. Heartburn was part of the reason for my sleeplessness, so I rolled my eyes.  I doubted that stuff would be of any use to me. LOL!

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However, what I did find useful was where my thoughts traveled next. “How is reflux similar to writing?” I know that’s a totally random thought, but is it? Since pre-school our teachers have taught us the basics of writing. Starting with our ABC’s, we learned how to hold a pencil and use it to trace and copy other words. We’d share with our classmates our favorite color, pet or flavor of ice cream.

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Moving forward through the years, we were taught to read. Our vocabulary grew, and we discovered a love of writing letters (Penpals! Yes, that shows my age!) and stories – drawn to books like Dr. Seuss’ Cat in the Hat, Nancy Drew Mysteries, Judy Blume’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, or Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time. Without realizing it we started to exhibit symptoms of reflux, not tummy issues mind you. But what we’ve been taught returned or flowed back like a thawing river at the beginning of Spring.

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We consistently tapped into what we were taught to bring our stories to life. Learning is a never-ending process and the same goes for writing. Last week someone on Twitter asked the writing community if they thought being a writer was innate, taught or both? I believe it is a combination of both. No one comes out of the womb a writer. But you must have within you a love of the art, a need to bring your imagination to life on paper. You cannot do so unless you apply techniques – ways to put words together to create a sentence, paragraph, chapters, and finally a story.

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We ‘reflux’ in just about everything we do. It is a constant cycle. We learn how to do something, and, for the most part, it stays with us. Except for riding a bike, like a muscle if you don’t do it often, you can forget LOL!

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Think about your writing process as a whole. Would you agree that the creation of a novel, short story, article etc., is based on ‘reflux’? A regular reapplication of all you have learned through the years or do you think it’s innate? I welcome your comments!

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