Ek’abo Ebi! (Welcome Family!)
As water from the powerful storm began to recede, the sisters three began walking through the errie, silent forest.  The sounds that were once so familiar to them were missing.  No birds chirping, no leaves rustling, no squirrels scampering up the trees. 

As they glided by, the forest creatures warily peeked out from their hiding places.  Beavers hesitated to rebuild their damns.  Mother bears lingered near their caves in case they needed to rush their cubs to safety.  A woodpecker after taking in his surroundings, tapped out a rhythmic tune on the trunk of a tree. “It is safe to return, the worst has past,” it said. 

Folami was furious with herself.  She completely lost control of her emotions. She never wanted the high god to know how much his decision hurt.  She was filled with so much anger and bitterness, that she was blind to the destruction she was causing.  Now the animals feared her.  She could feel their confusion and tension. And she knew not how to soothe their anxiety. 

As they reached the other end of the forest, Ayotunde, Temitope expected the worst.  They did nothing to stop Folami’s fury as they too shared in her despair.

So they felt equally guilty for what they were about to see.  What they saw instead was great beauty.  Land beyond the forest was always dry and barren no matter how much rain it saw in a season.  This time was different. 

The once dry land was now filled with foliage and the river that was once a trickle, now roared with energy and teamed with life. What the sisters saw before them was a gift.  The high god turned their pain into joy for others.  They watched as the animals flocked to the abundance of water and partook of nature at its finest. 

Ayotunde, Temitope and Folami sat down upon the soft, brown soil at the river’s edge. Ayotunde looked upon her younger sisters.  It shamed her to know that Folami had taken on the role of older sibling.  The lines that resided under Folami’s eyes belonged on an older woman.  She kept so much inside.  “No wonder she erupted!” said Ayotunde to herself.  “It’s time to change that.” 

Closing their beautiful, dark eyes, they stopped and listened to sounds that surrounded them.  The cry of the flying hunter as it called to its mate.  The splash of hippos bathing.  The beat of the water as it slapped against the shore.  

Slowly they began to feel lighter.  As if a weight was being lifted from their hearts.  Their once cluttered minds began to clear.  Fatigue had taken hold and the sisters felt themselves falling both body and soul into a deep slumber.  It was there that they heard a voice… 

“Little sisters, little sisters, please do not despair.  What you have been asked to do is considered a great privilege.  We love you and will never forget you.  When the time is right, you will return to us and we will be waiting for you with open arms. Our love is infinite.  Never forget.” 

Jumping up, the sisters were shocked to see that it was nearly night fall.  As the last of the sun’s rays spread across the sky, they watched in awe as Yemoja, the mother goddess, orisa of water, moved across the huge river towards them.  Hovering before them, the sun’s light passed through her and surrounded her; causing her to glow as if her inner light had pushed its way through.  Her slender form and flowing garb made her look as if she was one with the water she was known for.  Looking down upon the sisters with a gentle smile, the mother goddess spoke.  “Never forget,” and blinked out of sight. 


The sisters began their trip back to the tribes that they helped to build.  It would be a half day’s journey back to the village and they have been gone for three days.  The trip back home was a silent one.  Though their hearts were lighter, each sister was deep in thought. 

Ayotunde wanted to strengthen her role as older sister by keeping them all on the right path.  Temitope wondered about the misfortune that awaited them and the tribe.  And Folami picked up her steps in anticipation.  Something awaited her and she was more than ready to see what it is.  


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Mari e laipe!

See you soon!