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This week I’m going to share a post I wrote in 2014. I believe the advice I give here is just as fitting now as it was then. Enjoy!


Since I’ve begun my journey, I’ve discovered what I believe are the five “W’s” of writing. They are Will, Wisdom, Wit, Worry, and Wishes.

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Do you have the will of fire?  A fire within that burns to create, develop, and execute a book of literature?  Does the fire continue to burn even when you question (in the smallest part of your subconscious; the only place that you would ever admit it to yourself) if this is really what you want to do? Even when the “naysayers” (you know those people, the ones that never have anything positive to say) imply that you may want to rethink your choices.  How do you keep your will of fire burning?

At the beginning of my journey, the will within me, my fire, burned bright.  There wasn’t anything that was going to stop me from reaching my goal.  I was full of determination, and I believed that the end of the tunnel was within my grasp.  As time progressed and the bigger picture materialized, my goal and expectations became realistic.  The more knowledge I gained about the writing process, the more I understood how much work (another W word) and time it would take to reach the end of my tunnel. Sometimes reality throws a wrench in your plans and turns your inferno of will and energy into embers just struggling to survive.  But once I finished my book, I could feel my embers revive once again.  I found myself following a new course. One that will lead me to publication and the will and resolve to see it done.

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What wisdom have you gained during your writing journey?  As I mentioned above, I soon realized how much work went into the creation of a book.  I had no idea that months would turn into years before my book was finally finished.  During that time, I learned that writing the book was just the beginning.  There’s marketing, websites, blogs, word of mouth, etc. There would be communication with editors and if you’re lucky, that long-awaited convo with an agent or publisher. Lets not forgot how your writing affects your family and friends. Wisdom, especially in the world of publishing, is never-ending.

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As serious as the writing process can be, the last thing you want to do is lose your wit or lose the ability to create or see the amusement or pleasure you gain while writing your story. When writing becomes a task or a means to an end when it loses its flavor, its joie de vivre, you my friend have a problem.  You are now standing at a crossroads.  Do you step back from writing until the embers of your will have ignited once more?  Or do you admit to yourself that this may not be for you?  If you’ve been writing for years, that is a hell of a thing to admit to.  But writing should be something you enjoy.

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You have finished your book, received your share of “don’t give up’s,” and rejections, and you are looking at years since you wrote the last period at the end of the last paragraph of your book. Worry and doubt have returned in an attempt to douse the will of fire that you worked so hard to cultivate.

Thankfully, I have not reached such a point in my writing, but there are those out there who have.  My suggestion to you is to start that new book, even if it’s just brainstorming or developing an outline.  Get out of that rut that you’ve found yourself in.  Create those new characters, discover those faraway places, and re-discover the joy that you get from starting anew.  Shake off that doubt (easier said than done, I know) but do it anyway.  The uncertainty will only hinder you and stop you from moving forward.

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Lastly, you all know where I’m going with this.  “I wish that a publisher or agent would call me. If only I was on the New York Times bestseller list! I wish I could win the lottery so I can freely dedicate my time to writing!” LOL!

The number of wishes we send out to the universe could fill millions of books.  But the universe will not help you if you don’t help yourself. There are things that we have no control over and others that we do.  Putting your best foot forward will get you one step closer to getting that call.   Sure there’s a possibility that an agent or publisher may ask you to make some changes to your story (to help you reach out to a specific audience or make your story even tighter), but isn’t that expected?  It’s hard to relinquish control of your “baby” to another.  But if your wish has come true, then the agent or publisher of your book will share in your vision.

Do any of the “5 “W’s” resonate with you?  If so, I welcome you to share!

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