Hi guys! 

Multicultural. It’s a word I’m seeing a lot more lately.  I saw it on the front of a barber shop on the way to work this morning.  And it made me wonder… “Is there such a place as a Multicultural Barber Shop?” The definition I would give such a place is an establishment that offers haircuts to men, women and children of all hair types and ethnicities.  When I thought about it, I realized that my son’s barber is such a person.  I’ve seen individuals with coarse, tightly curled hair, wavy hair and bone straight hair come through his door.  By the time he was finish the customer always left looking “on point.” LOL!
There has always been history in connection to black barber shops.  As far back as the 1800’s, they were considered gathering places for men of color to discuss whatever was going on in their universe at the time. Whether it was race, family, politics, sports, or just everyday conversation.  Barbershops were one of the few places where MOC would feel comfortable and secure.  They could vent without retaliation from the outside world.  It didn’t matter if you were a minister, lawyer, teacher or unemployed all MOC were welcomed.
In the present, the premise is still the same.  Whenever I tag along with my hubby and the boys, the people there are discussing what’s going on in the media, their families or whatever catches their interest.  But the parties who are having the discussions now vary.  There are men, women, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics you name it.  Race or gender stops no one from expressing their view on a subject unless that person feels that their opinion might be insulting in some way.
I remember watching the movie Barber Shopwith Ice Cube and Queen Latifah.  One of the barber’s was a white fellow that had real skill with the clippers.  Like my son’s barber, he could cut anyone’s hair.  Of course, some of his co-workers gave him a hard time and told him that he “thinks he’s black.” This always caused some big arguments.  Clients rarely wanted to go in his chair because they did not think he knew how to cut “black hair.” LOL!
The way I see it, in this day and age, there is just too much going on financially to foolishly turn down income because you have an issue with someone whose either white or a POC. Money doesn’t change color depending or whose holding it.  Nor does it lose value when it’s passed from one person to the next.
If you’ve been trained, and have the talent to cut all hair textures then why not open your own barber shop? If you draw enough of a following, it won’t be necessary to have the word “multicultural” over your door. J 

Keep moving forward!

Od’aro and Good Night!