Ek’abo Ebi! (Welcome Family!)
I went to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty last Friday.  It was a great movie.  The main character, Walter Mitty (Ben Stiller) was a man whose life seemed to stand still after the loss of his father. Instead of living life to the fullest as his father would have wanted him to, Mitty lives his life through his action-filled, colorful imagination.  He gets so caught up in his ruminations that he is oblivious to what’s going on around him. 
Mitty’s courage to take a “leap of faith” doesn’t come about until he meets the woman of his dreams.  Her appearance in his life, a milestone birthday and a special message from an important colleague, motivates him to do things he would never have done in the past.  It forced him to think about how his life was progressing – or not progressing LOL.  The movie was inspirational and moving.  Mitty’s character was motivated to do more, because eventually he realizes that he wants to be more than he has become.  And it made me wonder, what motivates a person to write?
Let’s be realistic, I doubt that even the most seasoned writer knows what they want to say all the time.  Even the Rowling’s and Meyer’s of the world have had a moment when they’ve struggled with a scene or found it hard to give a certain character a voice. 
When you write are you compelled to write because something has motivated you to do so?  And if that is the case, what was it?
Is it the approaching New Year and your determination to have something tangible before you by a self-imposed deadline?  Did you see or experience something that inflamed your imagination and gave you ideas for an awesome article, short story or book?  Did a certain song trigger a memory, something that you haven’t thought of in years?  Have you come to the realization that you’ve run out of excuses?  Or are you just tired of saying “I’m writing a book” and yet you are still in the same place you were six months before?
Once we get there, once we’ve starting writing, how do we keep going?  How do we keep the creative juices flowing?  A friend of mine has decided to join a writer’s group.  She has already written her story, but she feels like there maybe something missing.  The story has been edited more than once and she has received a lot of positive feedback.  But she doesn’t understand the rejections she gets from agents and publishers.  It is her hope, that this group will help her see what’s missing or give her even more ideas for her book. She has been motivated to do more by take additional steps towards her future. 
Motivation can come in so many ways.  But it’s up to you to decide the best way to utilize it.  A muse, an emotion, an idea, a painting? What among them helps you create? Are you doing it for yourself or for someone else? Will your book be a gift to another?
I find that motivation can change throughout the writing process.  Our momentum can increase or decrease depending on how far along we’ve gotten. You may have become frustrated because nothing seems to sound right.  And the reams of paper you’ve gone through are embarrassing to admit to.
You may find it hard to stay motivated, because you’ve been writing for years, and you’ve had no luck.  How do you keep positive? How do you not give up? As a new writer, who has just started drinking from that well, I must say it definitely leaves a bad taste in your mouth. LOL!  But you know what, it’s too early in the game for me to give up and I hope you intend to do the same.  Motivate yourself to be the best writer you can be. Associate yourself with people who will motivate you and you them.  It’s hard to stay positive when you surround yourself with people who don’t want the best for you.
There’s a quote that I believe is fitting for today’s message:
“Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”    
-Golda Meir-
I hope this quote motivates you as much as it motivates me!

E ku odun tuntun
Happy New Year!


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