Greetings Everyone!
An old acquaintance of mine recently found out that I wrote Amachi’s Hope. (Check out my excerpt if you’re new here J) She was even more surprised that I found the time to create and now maintain this lovely blog. LOL! She complimented me on my success and shared with me that she’s also in the process of writing a book. [There goes another connection!]  Then she asked me the question that I am sure most authors who are mothers hear, “How did you find the time to write?”
As you may already know, I began my quest to write this book in 2003.  After deciding that this idea would be better suited for a young adult, I started more intense research in addition to my writing.  During that time I was already a mother (2 became 3), a wife, a daughter, a sister and anything else that was needed. (No complaints, love my fam. J)
In 2009 I had a solid draft but it still needed work. Believe it or not, it can take years to get your book where you want it to be. I went through periods of exhaustion and times of disinterest. Times when my thoughts and ideas would fight to come out. Or I would suffer absolute and complete writer’s block. Though some people say it’s an urban legend, believe me it does exist.
I would walk away from my book for weeks before I’d look upon it again. Sometimes that’s really all it takes. Walk away. Do something else.  When you look at your work again, it will be as if you had a fresh pair of eyes. At least that was my trick.
Whenever I worked on my book it was either at night after my little ones went to sleep, during my lunch break at work or the occasional “quiet” visit to my local library.  They say that any “serious” writer should always find time to write.  Even if it’s an entry in your journal or on a scrap of paper that you snatched off of your kitchen table; desperately jotting down your idea with your kid’s purple crayon before it slips away into the ether.
Uninterrupted time to write when you have children is a treasure.  Sometimes a supportive partner or spouse is the key. Or even a grandparent or sibling that’s willing to babysit for a few hours.  As someone who has been through it and continues to experience it; trust me it is possible to find the time.  No one said that you have to produce a masterpiece in each sitting.  But getting something down on paper (or on your computer) will make you feel like you’ve accomplished something.  Perhaps, it will bring you one step closer to your goal.  You guys know how I feel about that J
Good Luck and Keep pushing forward!