Ek’abo Ebi! (Welcome Family!)
Two weeks ago, I visited the Outer Banks or (OBX) as the regulars call it.  My family and I were given one more chance to run through the sand and surf even though summer had already graduated into fall.  The wind rolling off the sea was brisk and my boys were pretty stubborn about keeping their sweaters zipped up.  Last thing I needed was for one of them to get sick before returning to school. J
On the horizon I could see the beginning of a storm as it started to roll in.  The clouds were a combination of light and darker shades of grey.  My middle son yelled out, “Mom! Look at those Cumulonimbus Clouds!” He had a cloud project at school last year.  Since then, Cumulus Clouds have become his favorite.  Maybe he’ll become a meteorologist when he grows up? One can only hope. J
The ebb and flow of the waves were getting pretty rough.  Red flags dotting the beach warned visitors that swimming was not permitted. When I looked down at my feet, the surf moved in and snatched the sand out from beneath them.  Jumping up, my boys and I ran a bit farther up the beach.  The water (at least to me) was freezing!
The night before, the owner of a local pizza shop gave my youngest a small, black-netted pouch so he could collect seashells.  With the help of his older brothers, he collected a variety of shells.  When he let me, (he had become protective of his bounty LOL) I peeked inside his pouch.  The shells were different shades of white, black and grey.  There were rough, medium sized shells and smaller shells that were smooth to the touch; most likely as a result of being bombarded by sand and seawater. But I was also pleased to see pieces that were once a part of a whole.  Shades of beige, purple and pink that had not lost their beauty or luster.
As a writer, our attitude at the beginning is positive. For the most part, we have a pretty good idea of what we want to share with the world.  The color of that energy, that shade is a vibrant color. The idea for our book is like a shell. It starts off unblemished and whole with no interference from the outside world.  With determination and courage we pray and hope that our idea (the pearl if you will) can be cultivated and then develop into the first draft of a book.
That of course, is positive thinking. There is always a chance that a storm will roll in and hammer you against the shore.  Weakening and sometimes shattering your shell or your will.  Your shade has now become a gloomy, dark color and your pearl or idea has been exposed to the elements.  These elements can come in the form of negativity, distractions or just life in general.  And if you are not careful, you’ll look up one day and see your idea broken in pieces like the shells I saw scattered across the shore.
Rubbing my thumb against one of the shells that my little one was kind enough to share with me, I wondered: Is it possible to pick up the pieces and start again?
I believe you can. You maybe be reading this and thinking, “Give me a break! That is easier said than done!” But think about.  If you had the strength and patience to write your story before, why not do it again?   There are so many singers out there that go undiscovered because they tried and then gave up after a few rejections.  The same can be said for authors.  I’ve received my share of rejections, but you know what they say, you’ve just got to “Brush Your Shoulders Off”! LOL! Keep positive and keep focused family! Don’t let the ebb and flow of life stop you from reaching your goals!
Mari e laipe!
See you soon!