Hello Ebi! Hello Family!

A few years ago, it was my goal to bring my creation Amachi’s Hope into the light. I wanted to share Amachi’s journey and those of her ancestors, and descendants with the world. But I let my frustrations deter me from that goal, and Amachi found herself in the dark.

Now years later, Amachi and I have returned, and the light at the end of the tunnel is not as far as it once seemed. Last week I posted a quote on Twitter by Maya Angelou, and it said:

“We write for the same reason that we walk, talk, climb mountains or swim the oceans – because we can. We have some impulse within us that makes us want to explain ourselves to other human beings.” 

The quote touched me because it is so fitting to my current path. Amachi has been a part of me for many years. There exists within me an impulse, a need to share her story. No matter how many times I’ve walked away from Amachi, she stands in my subconscious with her arms crossed and a stern, irritated look upon her Nubian face. And the question she asks, never changes “What the hell are you waiting for?” What am I waiting for indeed?

Now more than ever, WOC have been introducing POC into the speculative fiction marketplace.  Readers all over the globe have been enthralled and fascinated by characters that introduce them to cultures, people, and worlds previously unfamiliar to them. For many, the only way to travel is through a book. So, playtime is over Amachi. You’ll never see the dark again. Instead, you and I will walk this writer’s journey together.

Ibukun! (Blessings)

Thanks for joining me. I invite you to comment and share!