The Sane Writer

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! Among the growing numbers of quarantined individuals, there exists within those ever-increasing numbers, thousands of writers. We are trying our best to keep sane in uncertain times. So, if you're not rediscovering "common core math" with the...

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The Writer Immortal

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! I hope you and yours are healthy and doing well during this crisis.  With so many people falling ill in other countries and here in the U.S., one cannot help but think of one's mortality. But in this case, I'm thinking of...

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My 5 W’s of Writing

Hello Ebi! Hello, fam! This week I’m going to share a post I wrote in 2014. I believe the advice I give here is just as fitting now as it was then. Enjoy! *** Since I’ve begun my journey, I’ve discovered what I believe are the five “W’s” of writing. They are Will,...

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