Writers: Happy Belated Dads Day!

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! This past Sunday was Father's Day, and though Corona has restricted our movements, it didn't mean that we could not show our love to our dads by doing BBQs, calling him if he's far away or exchanging gifts. My oldest son gave my hubby a big...

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#BlackLivesMatter, Adults and Books

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! As the #BlackLivesMatter protests continue throughout the country and beyond, some of you may not be knowledgeable of the movement or its origins. In response to George Zimmerman's acquittal for the death of teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012, #BLM...

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#BLM, Books, and Children

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! We were just starting to create some semblance of normalcy (whatever that is ) in regards to the Corona pandemic, and now we are in the midst of an epidemic that targets and, in many cases, kill black males and females in our country. As a...

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