Quiet Before the Storm

Whether you are a full-time writer or write only at night when the tides are no longer restless, the moon is at its apex, and your house is finally quiet, sometimes you need to step back from your craft to do it real justice. You may need a moment of calm before the...

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My First Rejection of the Year

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! Happy Belated Valentine’s Day! I hope COVID did not stop you from spreading the love to your family and friends. Yesterday was equally pleasant and disappointing for me. Just as I was about to get engrossed in another HBO Max series, an email...

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My Experience with DVCon!

Hello Ebi! Hello Fam! This past weekend I attended DVCon, (a significant extension of #DVPit which is an annual pitching event on Twitter, directed at un-agented, marginalized writers and illustrators). This two-day virtual writers conference (no pitching btw)...

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