Ek’abo Ebi! (Welcome Family!)
The alphabet, twenty-six characters in all. Letters used to create the symphony of sounds that are brought together to give us WORDS.
When we gather those words together in a specific order we get sentences. And with those sentences, we create paragraphs. Using those paragraphs we begin to spin a tale.  And through that tale we find ways educate, enlighten and/or entertain. J
When you write, you manipulate words and bend them to your will.  You create a picture with words just as you create a picture through art.  This is where the beauty of words comes in. Some people are ridiculously skilled when it comes to the art of writing.  So much so, that these people, these “authors” actually get paid for it! LOL!  They twist, direct and finally position their words.  And once they are done, they are able to express emotions, describe places, help the deaf hear and the blind to see. This is a goal that writers strive for everyday!
When you write, do you truly appreciate how much power a word can have? Words like hate, love, fear; they are all capable of cutting you deeper than a knife and yet we use them in some shape or form each day.  Words are fearsome things and I have the greatest respect for them.  Just as I am mindful of what I say to another, I’m mindful of how I express myself to the world.
Words can start a romance, get you a job or even destroy your reputation.  Have you ever read a historical novel where the villain of the story starts a rumor and suddenly the main character has been shunned from the ton and society? Now he is destitute and stripped of his fortune. And he is looked upon as an outcast; barely tolerated by those whom he once called friends. Pitiful. LOL.
Let us not forget those amusing stories in the newspaper; where politicians find themselves in uncomfortable situations due to their poor choice of words.  One letter, one word, one sentence and  they’ve managed to offend a person, organization or even a community. Now they are backpedaling, trying (with no success) to repair what’s broken. All they can do is standby and watch as their political aspirations circle the drain.
If you are not proud of the prose you’ve created thus far, you should be.  You have crafted art through words.  You have allowed others to see the world through your eyes. And your journey like my own is not finished. When you re-read your story for the hundredth time, really look at it and tell me what you see.  Do you see the beauty in your words, as I have seen it in mine?  If so, drop me a line and share your thoughts!
Mari e laipe!
See you soon!