I’m moving forward on my journey to publish Amachi’s Hope.  After the eye opening experience I had last month, (See my entry on Multiculturalism in Schools), I would like to pursue the self-publishing route.  But I haven’t given up on finding the “right” literary agent or publishing company.  The one who will share my vision for what I would like my story to become. A tool to educate, entertain and perhaps enlighten a reader.
I’m pushing pass the obstacles and grabbing hold of the opportunities.  A few weeks ago, I entered a piece of poetry in a writing contest given by the Library of Virginia. The piece had to connect with one of a number of photos currently on display at an exhibition.
This is not necessarily my comfort zone, but it doesn’t hurt to try. I must say, had someone asked me to enter such a contest in the past, I would have looked at them with skepticism written all over my face.  I have gained a certain level of confidence since this whole experience started. And I’ve definitely developed a lot more backbone J  Has it been this way for you?
By doing this, I hope to develop another skill and perhaps make a new connection.  Especially if I’m one of the winners! J  You’ve got to keep your pencil sharpened even if it’s not just writing prose. 
I hope to have some more news for you in the near future!
Od’igba and Have a nice day!