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Some time ago, I deliberated the pros and cons of Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing for my novel. As far as I was concerned, self-publishing Amachi’s Hope would be my FINAL alternative. I discussed how self-publishing has vastly improved, and how even established authors have decided to pursue that route. Not to mention the different companies used for author-published books like Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, etc. BTW, here’s a useful site on the topic! https://selfpublishing.com/self-publishing-companies/

Fast forward to today, and I’ve accepted that I don’t have to wait for a traditional publisher to decide whether Amachi’s Hope deserves to come into the light. I have the power to make that happen if I choose. So now the question is, will self-publishing be the next step in my writing journey?

Why haven’t you self-published?

Lately, more and more people have asked, “Why haven’t you self-published Amachi’s Hope?” Why indeed. If I’m being honest, I look at self-publishing as a failure on my part. Yeah, I know I’m being ridiculous. I have nothing against self-publishing. But I know I speak for many writers who see their work published traditionally as the pinnacle, proof that all their hard work (the innumerable drafts, critiques, writing groups, pitch wars, queries, rejections) had finally paid off.

Who is your advocate?

Of course, there are many writers who gained notoriety by self-publishing first. It was then that the big dogs realized their potential. There are all these great vids and announcements on Twitter of folks sharing the joy of ‘finally’ being represented by a literary agent and how they’ll be working together to do great things. That he/she/they understood this person’s vision. As writers, we all want that connection—an advocate for your book and for you as a writer. But when you self-publish, you become your own advocate. You market and promote your work. You write great content (easier said than done, LOL) for your blog and post it on your other social media platforms. As well as connecting with other writers who share your passion and increasing one another’s engagement.

Self-publish Amachi’s Hope or Not?

If you want to be successful as a self-published author, it’s not only about the words you’ve written but the audience’s willingness to see more of your work—to know more about you. I’m on the way to marking my place in the social media universe. But while I do that, I’ll watch the scales and see which way they’ll tip. Will I move forward with self-publishing Amachi’s Hope or keep querying and hoping for the best? Only time will tell!

Are you a self-published author, or are you still unsure of what path to take? I invite you to share your views and experiences on my page!

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