Ek’abo Ebi! (Welcome Family!)

The fam and I got a black, Labrador Retriever puppy today.  His name is Onyx.  He’s a beautiful dog and my boys are in love with him.  It took my family years to finally talk me into letting them have a dog.  Personally, I did not want the extra responsibility.  Having a puppy is like have another baby.  But my boys are now at an age where they can contribute to Onyx’s care.  He is now a new member of my family.

Speaking of family, I want to continue Ekundayo’s story in Orun.  His immediate family and the elders of his tribe, the awn dudu have helped him to see that there is something to the stories of their past.  Through the mystical storytelling of the elders, he was able to run alongside wild animals, feel warmth upon his face, and experience the light.  He never believed it existed. And now he wants to see it up close and personal. 

I have not started the next part of this story yet.  But I hope you will take this time to share your thoughts with me.  I would love to incorporate them into MY NEXT post. See you all in two weeks ! 🙂


For all of you who have been visiting my blog each week, I greatly appreciate it.  I hope that you’ll continue to do so.  I would really love to see more of your comments. Whether it is today’s post or entries in the past.  Tell me what you think of the direction I’ve taken with this story so far or any thoughts or suggestions you may have J