Hello Ebi! Hello Fam!

Yesterday, I attended a NY Giants game in Florida. Even though it was Jaguars territory (DUVALLL! is about all you heard), I beheld a sea of blue and white jerseys and paraphernalia in the stands. Transplant New Yorkers and those who traveled for the game were there en masse. When the game started, the Giants were struggling. But fate is fickle. The tide can change when you least expect it with football or any other sport—and it did. To my husband’s joy and our friend’s dismay, NY won the game!

Happy the Giants won the game!

Amachi’s Hope and Inspiration

Supportive fans inspired the players and pushed them to do their best. The Giants fought for the final touchdown even when the last 35 seconds were on the clock. Chanting. Heckling. I felt like I was at Yankee Stadium during a series. The crowd’s roar (tho’ it gave me a splitting headache) lit a fire under both teams. This is similar to what my MC Amachi did for me. How did Amachi’s Hope inspire me? Taking the time, energy, patience, and courage to write my novel gave me a needed push to do more. If you’re looking for additional ‘writerly’ inspiration, check out this post! https://smartblogger.com/how-to-get-inspired-to-write/

My personal transformation is similar to that of a butterfly

Who Have I Become?

Over ten years ago, when the idea for Amachi’s Hope came to be, it was only a seedling. It has since grown into a fully-fledged YA Fantasy novel and turned me into a full-fledged writer. Amachi struggled to find her purpose in the story—as did I in my writer’s journey and sometimes IRL. So far I’ve written another novel, numerous blog posts, and many short stories. Earned my MA in Creative Writing, and recently joined Medium an online social publishing platform, which was a great decision. To date, my first piece has drawn 1.8K views and wonderful comments. Check it out: https://medium.com/new-writers-welcome/my-content-is-gone-e6744faafa21

I feel pride knowing I have found my voice, embraced my writing style, and unearthed the confidence I knew existed. The path before me doesn’t seem as turbulent as it once was. Do you have something or someone that inspired you to step out of your shell and do more? If so, I invite you to share your journey!

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