Hello Ebi! Hello Fam!

I am proud to announce that Amachi is dating! Yes! My MC has found a new partner; its name is SEO! Had I known that Amachi and SEO would get along so well, I would have matched them up long ago. For years, I’ve been blogging and could not understand why my engagement was so low. I shared my posts on Twitter, IG, and FB, and the results were as uneventful as molasses rolling down a tree. But then I discovered Yoast SEO, and this plugin is a game changer for me. Hence the title, Amachi and SEO: Perfect Together! Check out these YouTube videos if you’re also looking for a quick way to understand the basics.

SEO In 5 Minutes | What Is SEO And How Does It Work | SEO Explained | SEO Tutorial | Simplilearn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYE6T_gd7H0 and

Brian Dean, Backlinko, SEO for Beginners: Rank #1 In Google (FAST) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpwD50v0Ubo

How did Amachi and SEO meet?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, (aka the best way to increase your rank on a SERP *search engine result page* and get more traffic to your page) is a process that has been around forever. But I was not utilizing it correctly. When I was blessed with the return of my lost content, I knew it was time to change how I handled my ideas’ creation and distribution, especially with self-publishing becoming a higher possibility for Amachi’s Hope. So my first step was installing Yoast. If you want to know the gist about my missing content drama, check out: https://sharonlmitchell.com/falling-into-fall/

Smart Idea

Why are Amachi and SEO perfect for one another?

As soon as I downloaded the Yoast SEO plugin, my eyes were opened to everything wrong with my previous posts. I don’t mean readability, a term I learned from the app. But things like focus keyphrase/keyword affect how you are ranked in Google searches and is the best way for an engager to find you. Another fantastic win was discovering meta description. This is where I tell my readers what my post is about in under 155 characters. It reminds me of creating a pitch for pitch wars. But at least I’m not summarizing my entire novel! LOL! I also discovered that my posts were mostly one-sided. I rarely referred to other bloggers with similar content to my own, nor did I refer to my older entries. These are referred to as outbound and inbound/internal links.

What happened next?

Immediately, I saw the difference in the way my posts looked. They were more uniform and eye-catching. And thanks to one of the outbound links I used, the creator of a blog reached out to me! I plan to review some of my older posts and make similar changes. Eventually, I’ll take advantage of Yoast SEO premium and avail myself of its other perks and features.

Of course, it will take time to increase my engagement. Yoast is just a small part of the bigger picture. But I am moving in the right direction, and Amachi and SEO will be perfect together for a long time (if I have anything to say about it! LOL!)

Are you a new Yoast SEO user? Perhaps, you’re also a newbie to the whole SEO thing? I invite you to reach out and share your experiences so far.

Thanks for coming through. You can check out my earlier content at: http://sharonlmitchell.com